Remember, You and your college friends waiting to pass out of college and build a startup business. But, due to your daily hurdles, you are miles away from those plans and even your friends. Its time to fulfill your dreams of being wildly successful.

startup business ideas

Here, is a list of innovative business ideas that will require an internet connection and your good to go. While some of the businesses will require a specific set of skills that you can learn easily online.

Wedding Planner / Destination Wedding Planner

Are you a creative and smart minded person? Then you are just the right person for a wedding planning business. To start with the business you don’t need a huge investment, but you just need management skills to attract your customers.

Several factors affect the quality of a wedding. You need to be on top of your heels as things can be very different from the way you plan. Considering the client’s advice and giving them the same thing that they dreamt of is your work.

Online Bakery

innovative business ideas

You need to ask yourself just one question, Are you passionate about baking? You would wonder baked products can be outsourced and sold directly.

Yes, that is a profitable business but baking products yourself will give the advantage of making decisions.

Also, You can be innovative and create a line of your products.

Starting an online bakery business would need an attractive website, delivery services, and payment collection system. You can consider a digital marketer to market your brand. 

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Digital Marketer

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As mentioned, while marketing your brand you would need a digital marketer. But, why not hoardings, flyers or pamphlets. That was traditional marketing, With the digital revolution, you can stand anywhere without a digital marketer. 

Being a digital marketer is a service-based business and basically, you just require good knowledge of social marketing. It would attract the least investment, you can start with an internet connection. You can join online courses to learn the basic tools of digital marketing. 

Diet Planning Services

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The fitness industry has reached a different level in India. People are much more health-conscious and curious to find ways to complete their fitness goals. The pace at which this industry is moving, Nutrition has become a basic necessity.

If you are well versed in the nutrition part of the diet, then its time to invest in the fitness industry. Starting a diet plan service would require the preparation of customized diet plans according to clients. You have an option to start diet plan services online or collaborate with fitness centers and hospitals.

Digital Media Conversion

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Very few people are aware of the digital media conversion industry. Converting audio/video into digital files is referred to as digital media conversion. Nowadays everything is photographed, recorded and saved to be seen and remembered in the future. While saving these things people forget that they can be damaged anytime. Hence, it becomes necessary to convert them into digital files.

You don’t need a huge place but you would need deep knowledge and high-end equipment to start a digital conversion agency.

Gardening Services

gardening business ideas

After the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan India has created a huge market segment for gardening services in India. People buy huge houses and huge houses come with huge gardens. But, these gardens do not get proper gardeners. Customers are in search of an automatized service of hiring gardeners.

A gardening service is more profitable if provided online. You would need an internet connection and a team of skilled gardeners that are available to work. You will need to provide fertilizers which will be your additional service.

Delivery Services

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After the jio revolution, India is a hub of online websites. From comb to mobile phone everything is purchased online and that calls for delivering services.

You would wonder that these websites provide delivery services in addition to basic services. But these services are most of the time outsourced and there is your entry. 

You can collaborate with eCommerce operators to serve delivery services. This business requires an online website to register and a team of delivery agents.


small business ideas

Let us understand what is a surveyor? The unofficial inspector of something who can calculate value and measure to collect information. When we are saying something, it means there are various fields such as land, monuments, population, death rate, etc.

If you are someone who has great mathematical and analytical skills then this is it. You don’t need a huge investment or even a website. Having good skills is enough.

YouTube Channel

Business plans

Are you a talented person or you have a business or just a student? You can show off your skills by starting a YouTube channel.

If you are a student then showing your mathematics skills or maybe arts skills is a good idea.

This is one great method to start earning at home while doing what you love. You would need a google account and YouTube channel. Within no time with your skills, you can earn big.

Stock Trading

small business ideas

What are the ways where you can just sit for two hours and use your knowledge and earn loads of money? Well, that is stock trading. You would need a deep understanding of the market to be fully equipped. You should consider the risk of losing your money. 

But, which business runs at zero risks. High risk means high returns. Whether you are running a business or you are a salaried employee, This business works for everyone.

Cafe Business

black board with menu

There are millions of people who start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. And not just the start of the day but evening hours are of no use without a coffee or tea. In India, people are addicted to tea and that creates a very large market sector.

With the booming rate of the market, it has become a much profitable business in India. 

You would require a good investment amount between 2 to 10 lakhs. Additionally, food items and beverages are offered which is one more way to make a profit.

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Fitness Centers

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This is the revolution era for the fitness industry in India. Right now, if you observe people are more aware of their lifestyle and diet. They want it to be fixed. They want to live long and happy. The fitness industry is not only profitable but also creating a huge impact on creating a positive environment. 

If you are a fitness geek of your locality then you can find a better time to start a fitness center of your own. You would require good investment and skills to build a strong customer base.

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Seasonal Business

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Are you tired of your routine and want some time with your family? What you need is a seasonal business, after all, the family is whom you earn for. It is a more relaxed way of doing business while creating huge profits in the seasonal period.

You would need to identify your market and stock your materials then comes pricing. Focusing on the quality of the product should be your priority. Your experience in this field will decide your survival.

Drop Shipping

innovative business ideas

As the name suggests, when you sell products the wholesaler directly drops the product to the customer. Dropshipping business is where you market products that are provided by wholesalers from your website.

Here is a recommendation, you can start a YouTube channel and promote the products from that channel. In this way, you are paid double.

App Development

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The marketing aspect of every business is transformed into a digital era. Every business requires a mobile app to reach its customers. The success of the mobile app decides the future of a brand. The mobile app industry is growing faster then you can imagine.

If you know how to develop an app then you can’t waste your time from being wildly successful. Even if you don’t know, you can start learning from YouTube. Within some weeks you can start earning and further with some basic experience you can collaborate with various startups.

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Personality Development Training

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Do you have a go-to person from whom you always ask for advice? If that is you then you should start giving personality development sessions.

While overcoming the daily hurdles of life, people usually forget investing in themselves. Helping people realizing their real goals and achieving success in the future is what you can do.

Now-a-days people need a person to guide them, to help them analyze their situations and reinforce the drive to come out from hard times. You would just need a client base and you are ready to start giving sessions.

Coaching Classes 

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You need to be confident and knowledgeable to start a coaching center. While its a very profitable business as every student needs extra studies to do well. You need to identify your skills according to the subjects. The education industry is a huge sector and you have abundant opportunities. 

You can specialize in various subjects or start teaching for competitive exams or start with teaching just a language. You don’t have to be pressured by your boss and work in your flexible time-frame. You should focus on the quality of education.

Online Home Salon Service

A parlor appointment is one of the difficult tasks in a women’s life. Even men are shy to go for facial in a unisex parlor. It has lead to increased growth of the in-home salon service industry. Offering a systematic way online to register and book for home salon appointments is affordable and comfortable to customers.

You will need a good team of professionals including both men and women. Also, an attractive website where customers can book for appointments. If you are skilled enough to manage the large base of customers and professionals then you must go for an online home salon service.


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Most of you would think that you require specialized construction and renovation skills to be a successful builder. Well here is the thing, No builder is great at managing a business. what you require is an eye for investing in property. Once you become good at that then you just need a team to build. 

Builders are successful in India but you need to start with huge investment. You can have a good experience if you work with builders and then further decide if you have those skills.

Cleaning Service

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You must have listened to a lot of times that without a maid, a house cant work. We all know how important it is to keep our house clean and tidy, but we are too lazy to do those chores. Finding a good servant to your house is way more difficult. 

Starting a cleaning service is more of a contribution to society and also a profitable business. You can consider providing additional services like electricians, janitorial services, etc.

Software Training

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Have you heard of those people who have every solution to your computer problem? Those are the people who have extensive experience with computers and computer software. There are not only students who learn software but a businessman is in need to learn that software. 

Offering software training is a great business, You can charge Rs 10000 per software per client. You should upgrade your skills with time. You can start training online and expand the business by hiring professionals.

Home Organization

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Now and then when you pass by your friend’s cupboard, You cant look at the clutter. You are an organized and clutter-free person. Its time to consider a profitable and relaxing business.

You can start an online home organization business and help those who are stressed with the bundles of stored items. You will be the sole decision-maker and you can have flexible working hours.

Tax Preparation

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The ever-changing laws and complexity of taxes, Every earning person requires a tax practitioner. You can start with learning tax laws and interning at various chartered accountants.

After gaining good experience you can start by registering your business and building clientele.

You should know that good accountancy skills are required here. Be well equipped with the changing laws. This business never goes low on demand. Due to the introduction of GST in India, you can leave behind your competitors too.

Rental Dress Business

business ideas

It is a kind of fashion company that enables people to live luxury on their budget. If you are creative minded and inclined towards designing fashion, then this is your industry. You can give your heart out and innovate fashion as much as you want.

Starting a rental business is dependent on whether you provide services online or as a storefront. You will require innovative and updated stock. You should consider the accidental damage and maintain your policies regarding the same.


business ideas

Blogging is the simplest way to market your business. I have suitable skills. You need to learn the basics of blogging such as writing quality content and including your customer’s suggestions. You need to be patient while starting a blog.

 Blogging may be the simplest way but attracting readers and engaging them for a longer time is much more time taking. If you have the skills it is a successful business.


business ideas

Do you post every day on your Instagram? Do you love making videos on Tik Tok? You would be glad to know you can get a paycheck by doing the same thing with a product. It is a smart strategy played by almost every marketer.

You need to have loads of followers who trust you. You can start with collaborating local brands and further expand your horizons to different fields. Your cost is just about the internet expenses and any software that you use. 

Public Relations Manager

business ideas

Boosting sales of an organization becomes a primary aspect of the business, once the business is growing. The image of a brand plays an equal role in the growing sales of your company. A public relations manager is responsible for the creation and promotion of the brand image.

You need to have managing, planning, publicizing and promoting skills. You can ask yourself Are you confident while communicating with a large group of people? Do you have an eye for marketing products? If the answers are yes then why not become public relations manager. 

Sell on eBay

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eBay is an eCommerce website that enables people to sell used or new products. This is an opportunity for you to experience the pressure of an online retail business. It requires various skills such as knowledge for demanding products, pricing items, market research and the targeted market for the product.

This is a business that can be expanded in the future by starting your website. You can identify which products you can sell and then start your own business. You should give something that adds value to customers and it is a unique product at the same time.


business ideas

After getting frustrated from the full-time jobs employees usually move to freelance. Whereas some of the people start their career from freelancing itself and they are earning great. That’s because they can enjoy quality time with their family. 

You can take up numerous tasks online through freelancing websites. Further after getting some experience you can identify your niche. Start working for the niche that you find suitable. 

Interior Decorator

business ideas

Living life with a high-quality lifestyle is dreamt by everyone. The people who make these dreams into reality are interior decorators. People have every luxury lived by celebrities on their tips to watch on a mobile phone. They need the same, so they handover this task to interior decorators.

If you taste stand out from the rest and you are creative enough to think out of the box. Then this business is just right. You can join various online courses to be proficient and become successful.

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business ideas

Want to start a business that shows off your multi-language skills. Become a translator with the minimum investment.

You can work from home through the internet. There is a huge market for translators such as legal translators are very much in demand in India.

Resume Service

business ideas

The resume showcases the personality of an individual. But, mention every aspect of yourself is way too difficult. It becomes a stressful task for those who are just beginners and who had done it several times. To reduce the pressure they give that task to those who are proficient in the skills.

If you are among those writers who are smooth to describe someone’s achievements and personality. Then start this as your career. It has great potential as beginners are often confused and if helping them earns money for you, then why not?

Handmade Chocolates

business ideas

Anyone can’t say no to chocolates. If you are innovative enough to make chocolates with specifications from your customers. What you are waiting for? Host an event and show off your chocolates. If people like your chocolates you are already building a customer base.

Don’t think about the small expenses to fulfill your dreams. Also, you should be updated with the current trends. Innovation in addition to current trends will stand out your chocolates from your competitors. Don’t worry if you are lacking somewhere, just start with market research.

Noodles Making Business

business ideas

Noodles are the most popular snacks in India. Every other day you must have eaten noodles. This is a business where the cost of making is much less than that on which it is sold. It has a large marker sector as its cost is within the purchasing power of 90% of Indians.

You would require funds to invest in technology, staff to operate machines and marketing skills to grow your business. You don’t have to be a chef to start this business. You just need good skills to manage the demand.

English Teacher

business ideas

Being successful in your business demands language to communicate with your clients and your team. And which language is used in India professionally that is English. At some point in your life, you will need to learn English. 

If you are confident and a fluent English speaker then why not train people who lack these skills. You can start tutoring online or even consider spoken English classes at home. You can expand your business by hiring professionals in various other fields and become a national coaching brand.

Online Retail Store

business ideas

If you have the marketing skills and you want to start a retail store. Then there is nothing better than an online retail store.

It is a very profitable business as nowadays no one has time to travel to remote places and buy everything at the same prices. 

An online store will always give you an edge from your competitors. It allows to change your profits within seconds and replace products according to demand. You can work flexibly sitting at home.

 Online Journalism

business ideas

You must have heard of journalism but let us understand what is online journalism. When editorial content is distributed through the internet, this kind of broadcasting is known as online journalism. How do you get every news within seconds on social media? It’s because of those hard-working reporters distributing news online.

If you are a person who wants to know everything to its root cause. Then you should start journalism and become successful by opting for digital media for distribution sources. 

Business Consulting

India has become a new market for startups. Each startup is different in its way. Starting a business comes with bundles of problems and every problem requires a specific solution. Providing solutions to these problems is what a business consultant does.

You have to be on top of your thinking while solving your client’s problem. You will require an investment, a location for your office, an attractive website, and a customer base.

Travel Consulting

business ideas

The travel industry has a huge market place in India. Every year it amounts to 10% to world GDP. No one can stop traveling either for business or for personal holidays. This is the perfect time to invest in the travel business. The rate at which the travel industry is growing, in a few years it will be at its peak.

For starting a travel agency you need to learn certain skills. If you are passionate about traveling that means passionate then you are the person for a travel agency. You need to build up a client base and market yourself to the world.

Digital Marketing

45 business ideas

As mentioned before, the marketing industry never goes down. It is not possible to be in a world without digital marketing. You cant buy food on Zomato if the notification for buy one get one offer doesn’t pop out. 

The attractive strategies that are used by digital marketers have broken the limits. Even working in it company is possible for a commerce graduate with good digital marketing skills. You can start learning with free online courses that are available on YouTube .

Content Marketing

business ideas

In the era, of digital media who doesn’t need fresh content. Content is a tool that places leading brands where they are. If you have writing skills and engaging humor, you just need an internet connection. 

Due to the Jio revolution in India, this field has great demand, But its a service-based industry. Hence you require good skills. You need to identify your niche and focus on it passionately.


With very little investment you are all set to earn huge. Do you wonder how? Answer this, who has time to copy all those papers and save them on your computer? No one right.  

business ideas

That’s where you come, due to the large demand in this sector you can make tonnes of money. Just wait for the right opportunity and don’t fall for scams. Once you establish yourself, you can work flexibly at home. Make sure that you don’t get bored with this work.


business ideas

From marketing to after-sale services, Brand value is created through appealing content on high ranking websites. Are you thinking what is a ghostwriter? The person who acts as a third party writer and get paid for writing fresh content for various websites. 

To start these services you need smooth and engaging writing skills, knowledge of the market and a client. You can collaborate with various companies and make huge profits. Ghostwriting is on the rage among young writers and many experienced writers have become rich using this opportunity.

Menu Planning Services

business ideas

The food industry is growing at a tremendous rate and the numerous food business on their peak. These businesses need attractive menus to build a huge customer base.

 A customized menu based on the targeted market is a prerequisite for the food business. While choosing menu designing business you can collaborate with various businesses in India such as cafes, caterers, hotels, etc.


Become an entrepreneur but do consider your passion. The various businesses mentioned lists out every current trending business. You can’t miss out on anything here.

You should be patient and focused to grow your business. Give yourself a chance to make decisions freely. You don’t have to be pressured about the mood of your boss. The ocean of opportunities is wide and you need just one drop of chance from it.

This is your chance, take it, it is sometimes horrifying to shift your career. But huge returns come from huge risks. Whether or not you choose from the above ideas, we are sure you are benefitted in some way. we wish you good luck with your business.

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