There are different ways to become an aerobics
instructor. You need certification, work experience, training. Other requirements
include fitness training, technical workshops, and seminars.

An instructor could teach private, public schools or
individual clients. The person could open a fitness studio, work part time or
full time.
Opening a fitness studio comes with its own set of
challenges such as finance, good location, equipment and licensing. Another way
to get into the business is to work for a fitness studio. Here are some ideas
on how to become an aerobics instructor.
 Aerobic Instructor
the Trade
To join the industry you need to get formal training. You
need higher school diploma or bachelors degree. The courses of study are
physical education, fitness training.
Others include kinesiology, exercise science and
aerobics. The basic requires to become an instructor is high school diploma.
You can take associate degree programs on nutrition, anatomy, physiology.
Other course of study are business management, accounting.
Obtaining a bachelors degree in related fields will offer job advancement
opportunities. It is essential the individual has good physical fitness and regular
exercise practice.
  • higher school
  • bachelors degree
  • associate degree
In the United States of America you need certification.
Top bodies are the Aerobics and Fitness association and American Council on
Exercise. You can also join the International Fitness Professional Association.
Some states, private institutions offer examinations or
certifications. There are also fields of study on first aid techniques in case
of emergency.
If you wish to open a fitness studio your outfit needs
certification. The studio should have safety equipment, insurance cover. The
operator should register the business as a limited liability company and have a
tax identification number.
It is important to gain work related experience. Secure
employment as an instructor in aerobics studio, recreational center or gym. You
need good interpersonal skill, basic knowledge of business management and accounting.
You can gain experience from seminars, workshops or internship programs.
to Consider Before Opening a Studio
To open a studio you need to define a clear picture. Who
are your customer’s and what are the cost implications.
First write a studio business plan then carry out a
feasibility study. Make sure the plan has an executive summary, future
projections and finance information.
Estimate your financial requirements, credit and expected
income. Secure funding through personal savings or bank loans.
Other funding sources are through partnership, angel
investors or crowdfunding. More considerations are studio demography, operational
costs, lease, pre-sales marketing. You need good advertisement plan to attract patronage.
  • write a studio
    business plan
  • carry out a
    feasibility study
  • estimate your
    financial requirements
  • secure funding
  • studio
  • lease
  • pre-sales
  • advertisement
  • become dance instructor
To become an aerobic instructor you need formal training and
experience. Business owners require additional skill in management and accounting.
An instructor could join an established gym or provide private practice.